DIY: Repainting Furniture Part II

A few days and a miserable cold later, I’m finally able to share my furniture-painting experience.  Since the chest was a hand-me-down and we spent less than $50 on its facelift materials, it was a fairly inexpensive project.

I only had to purchase a gallon of Bullseye 1-2-3 multipurpose primer (about $19.95 USD that also comes in quarts; we just figured it’d be a useful product for other projects), a quart of Valspar “Vintage Teal” paint in eggshell finish, and a bottle of Floetrol.  We already had small rollers, trays, and brushes on hand from when I painted our kitchen and bedroom a few months ago.  Anticipating needing to prepare the surface of the chest, I also bought a couple of sanding squares.  Fortunately, a friend recommended this simplifying Bullseye primer, which eliminated the need for sanding prior to painting.  Now THAT was a glorious surprise.  (I anticipated hours of dreaded sanding.  I tried it for literally 30 seconds and decided it was a terrible job, haha.)  The Floetrol is a paint additive that helps eliminate brushstrokes and roller marks; at about $8 a bottle, this was also a practical purchase for use on future painting projects.

Repainting Furniture: Supplies

I applied two coats of Bullseye primer to the chest with a brush, but I definitely could’ve used a small roller (and probably will on any future projects).  Each coat only takes a half hour to dry with this formula, but I waited an hour in between before applying the second coat.



Over the next few days, I ended up applying three coats of “Vintage Teal” (mixed with a small amount of Floetrol) with a small roller to achieve even color saturation.  Two panels on the front of the chest are a basket-weave texture, so those required more attention with a brush.  I’m really pleased with how the primer readied the surface.

Repainting Furniture

The finished piece is a rich, vibrant teal that perfectly complements our lively Trina Turk coral bedding.

Trina Turk bedding

We recently painted the walls a velvety charcoal shade by Sherwin Williams called “Peppercorn.”  Our bedroom is quite large and almost overly spacious, so we decided that a dark canvas would help make it feel a little more cozy.  I typically like neutral color schemes, but with this room, I decided  bright pops of color against our dramatic background would be a fun change.



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2 thoughts on “DIY: Repainting Furniture Part II

  1. becca says:

    where did you get that pillow-or the fabric for it?

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